LoganNet Inc. is leading the way in
Internet & Technology Services for Cass county.

Web Site Design

Need a web site or maybe just a simple page?
We can do that for you. Just give us an idea of what you need or if you like, we can come up with an idea for you.

Give LoganNet a call, tell us what you need or want, and we can deliver a web site that is right for you.

Web Site Hosting

Do you already have a web site but don't have a place trustworthy to host it?

Give us a try.
We offer web site hosting at competitive prices. You can rest assured that your site will be hosted locally, not in a town in which you cannot pronounce and is half way around the world!

Call LoganNet today at 765-588-3570 for all your Web Site Design and Hosting needs.

Computer Service and Repair

Feel like junking your old computer system?

Don't throw out your older system yet! Bring it to LoganNet where our trained staff can bring that older system into new light.If you're fed up with it, let us mess with it.

Stop by or call LoganNet to get your computer feeling like new again!


Networking Service and Repair

So you have yourself another computer and you and the kids want to use the internet at the same time.
We can help.LoganNet can install a
home-network in your home that shares the Internet and other resources between two or more computers.

Do you have Bigger needs? From DSL modems to multi server networks, LoganNet can design and install networks for any size business.

If you have the will, we have the way at LoganNet!